Tommy Feline

Not much info is out there about Tommy Feline.

According to RedHotJazz he played banjo with Jay C. Flippen, but doesn’t credit which songs he appears on.

AMG has a short credit list here:|FELINE&sql=11:acfoxqwsldhe~T4

But only lists the banjo for one song, and its painfully hard to figure out which song it is (click the link and you will see why).


A recording with Smith Ballew:

Bert Lown (Domino # 4533) ………” Blue Is The Night” and “I Never Dreamt” (you’d fall in love with me)

Both recorded on April 22, 1930, New York

Personell: Frank Cush, Ed Farley – Trumpets; Al Philburn – Trombone; Lou Bode – Clarinet/Alto Sax; Mace Irish – Clarinet/Alto Sax; Paul Mason – Clarinet/Tenor Sax; Adrian Rollini – Bass Sax; Max Ceppos – Violin; Chauncey Gray – Piano; Tommy Feline – Banjo/Guitar; Ward Lay – String Bass; Stan King – Drums.

Note: Smith Ballew is the Vocalist on “Blue Is The Night” Some of his recordings with Lown were issued using the pseudonym Buddy Blue.

He also is credited on the album “Dorsey Brothers Band/Red Nichols: New York Jazz: In The Roaring 20s” but again, I don’t know what song.

He played with Annette Hanshaw, what songs? Who knows.  I’d like to know.  I’m guessing he was a studio musician.

It would be nice to match the name with the songs he played on, and even better to get a picture to match as well.

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